Yarn Along Wednesday 2014.

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It’s a new year and I’m carrying over a knitting project from November.

Knitting: Joy Lace Tunic from the book Finish Free Knits by Kristen Tendyke. This pattern has been so wonderful to knit. I love knitting in the evening by the fire with my boys, this pattern makes a wonderful end to my day. It’s a clever, easy, and visually beautiful texture. I’m using Mountain Colors Yarns in three different colorways (from the Harmony colors) for an ombre sweater. (I also got to use this yarn to make this beautiful little tree for a Pail and Pie customer.)

Reading: Last night I finished reading The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard. It was a good read after the dense but very engaging Lady of the Rivers. The Boys of My Youth looked intriguing to me when I first picked it up. In fact I was pretty excited to start it. I guess I should have put more effort into understanding what it was before I started. Instead of being a novel, it’s a collection of essays and for a few chapters I was confused with the progression, or rather lack thereof. The writing was good, I loved her stories about staying with her grandmother and her allergies in mid-July. I was completely stunned when I read the essay about her co-workers and her aged collie. That essay really caught me off guard. Anyhow, in the end, I digested it fine. I would love to see an actual novel come from this comfortable writer.


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