Yarn Along: Slippers and The Marauders.




Joining the Yarn Along today at the Small Things Blog.

Knitting: Slippers! I know it’s late in the season, but I went for it anyways. I was inspired by the Shiraz Slippers with the leather bottoms and cute ribbon on the back. Then I was upset I didn’t have size 13 circulars on hand. So, I scoured for another slipper pattern and found these adorable and super easy Side Cable Slippers. They are knit flat on size 13’s with three strands held together, so yes, they came together quickly and easily. I really like how the thick cabling looks and am surprised how shapely a slipper could be made from knitting flat. I made my pair into Mary Janes, but the boys are getting a version similar to the pattern, with the back ribbon and leather bottoms of course. I didn’t have any great buttons on hand, so I just used a knit bobble to secure my buckles.

Confession, I haven’t taken my pair off since I made them and have wondered why the heck I haven’t made myself a pair sooner!

Reading: The Marauders by Tom Cooper. This book was a wild ride. I chose it because we just visited New Orleans in January and actually now know who Jean Lafitte is (a pirate, if you didn’t know). In the book, swamps, deep-rooted history (or pride) and a BP oil spill provide the backdrop for a concentration of flailing men. My oh my, the characters in this book make poor decisions, continually, stubbornly! Decisions that lead to losing family members in flooding, piling garbage bags of stolen drugs in a pick up truck, stealing from a woman’s attic while sleeping, I mean, this book is a real train wreck.

It’s touted as funny, but I would not consider it so. But here is the real crazy part. I kept reading it. Continually, stubbornly.  I wanted these men to learn or make amends. I wanted them to see how their inability to adapt and change would be their demise. I wanted them to wash their mouths out with soap for their terrible language and clean up their stinking messy houses and boats. I wanted them to apologize to family members and friends.

At the end, there finally is cleansing and, there is, dare I say, hope? The constant cycle of life continues again. The youngest becomes bold and ready to create his destiny, the abusive become humbled. This book is full of guns, drugs, swearing and stupidity. In the end, it’s not at all what I expected from the cover but once in a while it’s good to step outside my comfort zone, if only in a crazy adventure on my nightstand.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

8 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Slippers and The Marauders.

  1. Those slippers are fantastic! We are coming into winter here and for years I have thought I should make some slippers. Maybe this year I just will!

    • Honestly, I cannot believe how much we love them:) My sons wear theirs overnight in bed and my husband’s pair are cast on. They come together so quickly that it’s certainly worth the effort.

    • Thank you so much. I’m onto the fourth pair now! The boys have theirs done and I’ve got my husbands on the needles. I had no idea how much we’d love them.

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