Yarn Along: Cabled Blanket and Percy Jackson.



Joining the Yarn Along today at the Small Things blog.

Knitting: I’m progressing quite well on my Cascade Eco Blanket. I’m finding the pattern has the perfect blend of mindless and “pay attention” knitting. That’s kept my interest quite well. I adore the yarn but am finding I keep needing one more skein. I hope when it blocks it isn’t some gargantuan giant-sized blanket, but I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.

Reading: I rotate in Phillippa Gregory’s historical fictions about past royalty and am currently reading The Virgin’s Lover. It’s about Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, who is married to another woman, but wooing the Queen. I read so many of her titles and love them fiercely, but I don’t want to bore you, so I included Rick Riordan’s second Percy Jackson book, The Sea of Monsters. I’m reading this one to the boys at night, and we all look forward to it. Every night I hear, “Can you read just a little bit more?” I’m not sure when I’ll stop reading to them at night, but I do know we aren’t ready for that yet. I find I love reading their titles just as much as my titles and I’m not ready to give them up.

5 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Cabled Blanket and Percy Jackson.

  1. My kids were 10 and 13 before I finally switched to audiobook listening with them instead of reading out loud. We all loved the Percy Jackson series too. That blanket look wonderful!

  2. I LOVE your blanket! Cables always have such an elegant look and they work so perfectly with that colour of the the Eco.
    I love Philippa Gregory, too and I’m pretty sure I read that one. I find, if I get too into her books, it’s hard to come back to reality and I walk around in a fog. Happy reading!

    • I read The Other Queen just before this one. I keep thinking about Queen Mary trapped in that home! I am really enjoying this title too. This is my first attempt at a blanket, truthfully I never thought I could finish one. The way this is turning out it really keeping me motivated.

  3. Your cables are wonderful. I have not tried cables yet. As far as reading, read to them at night for as long as you can. They will have wonderful memories and you will too. My boys are grown up and I loved reading to them. I still read to my girls.

    • In my first knitting in the round class, the teacher made me do cabling. I thought she was insane. Turned out she was smart! Cabling is engaging, but not confusing, and looks stellar. Thank you for you reading advice. Every night they ask me to read and beg me to keep going. It’s a very important part of my day. We will read on!

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