How to Make a Toilet Paper Holder.

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Let’s just say it’s very nice to have an extra roll of toilet paper on hand when you need it. I thought about making a fabric holder, but I didn’t really have any fabric on hand to match my bathrooms. So, I (finally) found a functional way to get wool into the bathroom… with granny squares! Multiple colored granny squares over a white sewn inset make it colorful, strong, and durable. Also, multiple colors means these cuties should match the my changing paints for years and years. This short project won’t let you down for many pit stops to come.

To make your own extra toilet paper roll holders read below.

First you must crochet three granny squares measuring approximately 6-6 1/4″ inches. (You will cut your fabric custom to your granny squares, so just shoot to get your squares within these measurements (Mine were 6 1/4″). This is a good range for a not to small/large holder).

(For one tutorial on how to make a granny square click here. This crochet block is older than I am and there are countless tutorials and you tube videos. If you don’t get it the first time, try another or another, they are fun when you get used to it.)

Second, with matching yarn, stitch the three granny squares together in one long line. Consider the middle block will be the bottom of your roll holder and be seen the least.

how to make a toilet paper roll holder pail and pie2

Lay your connected granny squares down on a folded piece of fabric so when you cut you’ll have two pieces of fabric to sew together. Cut through both layers completely around the connected squares leaving 1/4″  extra on the longer sides and 1/2″ extra on both “tops” (the shorter sides) of the fabric.

how to make a toilet paper roll holder pail and pie3

Set your granny squares aside for a moment and grab your two pieces of custom measured fabric. Put them right sides facing together. Sew all the way around your fabric with a 1/4″ seam (a quilter’s sewing foot) leaving a small hole to turn inside out. Turn inside out and press.

Lay your granny squares on top of your custom fabric piece. Place pins along the longer two sides even with the fabric, so the yarn and fabric are flush. Leave 1/4″ at both “top” ends for one more seam.


Now, sew the granny squares to the fabric along the long sides. Go slowly so your yarn doesn’t get caught and raise and lower your foot as needed. Alternately, you could hand sew the granny squares as well.


Now for your final seam, first precut your jute string (or an alternate you prefer, I love jute string at the moment) to 24 inches. Fold your granny squares right side together in half. Your 1/4″ top seam will now be sewn together. First fold each just string piece in half and place inside your t0-be-sewn top seam with the long pieces hanging in touching your granny squares. Save back a little loop as shown in lower left-hand part of photo below. Make sure your other jute pieces are out-of-the-way from being sewn. Sew your final seam bringing the tops together as one piece making sure you DON’T sew in any of the tops of the granny squares.


Turn inside out. Use yarn to gather your granny square tops together for a seamless join and presentation. When you hang your holder too high or too close to the other roll, this inhibits the other roll’s ability to dispense easily. Hanging lower will keep the lint from gathering on your beautiful holder as well.

If you have any questions, just ask. I hope you have fun with this project:)

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