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Friday I received a library email notice that my audiobook loan was ready. Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing played on the computer as we dilly-dallyed around the living room. Tidying is a lesson we could all benefit from, and so I was happy as we all listened to the reader describe the author’s obsession with tidying as a child, her ability to help her clients, and finally, her approach.

Friday night a fire was lit. As you can tell by the photos above, I’m inspired. I’m happy her program starts with clothes first. That’s something I am pretty good at. But, I did learn something fabulous. It’s this. How to fold and put items into drawers. I always stack clothes, and they always slide off. My poor youngest son literally needs a shoehorn to jam his fresh clothes in. It’s a poor program. She recommends folding smaller and filing them in as shown. How fabulous is that? Not only can we fit everything better, but oh my goodness, we can pick the item we want very easily! We can SEE what we have.

I spent a lot of time, a lot of time, a lot lot lot of time this weekend sorting, refolding, and stacking clothes, but I’m very proud of the progress. I tore through our bedroom closet, much to my husband’s dismay, and I carried the boys’ dresser drawers to the living room while my oldest son watched the Indy Car race. I chatted with him about the race and tidied away. Cheerfully I’d hold a drawer in front of the boys, “See, isn’t this amazing? Doesn’t this look so great! You can find your things!” and so on.

The boys are doing a very good job themselves too. I had them sort through their pile of stuffed toys and a basket of animal figurines. I learned something about myself. We’ve cleaned these out before, but I’ve always been the one to sabotage it! When I saw ones they no longer wanted, but I wanted them to want, I would keep them as well. Isn’t that ridiculous? Well, now, I freed us all. I told them to seriously keep only the ones they truly loved and the rest we did get rid of. I’d love for them to get ahold of this ability to tidy sooner than later.

I’m listening to section four now and know I’ll listen through again. If this book sounds interesting, I’d highly recommend it as an audiobook. I found it very helpful to have my hands free as I heeded her advice. In fact, I think it would be annoying to read this and not be able to get to work immediately!

And one last thought. I texted my best friend and sister both photos of before and after moments this past weekend, both of whom are in purging moments of their lives. We have mused with each other, is this a right of passage? My best friend mentioned nesting, and I suggested, perhaps anti-nesting? We’ve raised the babes and we are ready to shrink our nests? Perhaps we don’t need so much around us to sooth our long Mothering days of wee ones? Perhaps? It’s just a thought. Either way, it’s feeling mighty nice.


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