The Hall of Everything.


While planning the house, the one thing I knew I wanted above all else was a wall of cubbies. We were reducing our living space by 1000 sq. ft. Instead of stuffing in a bunch of furniture to store our things, which we would continually have to navigate around, I wanted open space. I wanted our items in one place, along one wall in the house in floor to ceiling cubbies.

We originally planned for the wall of cubbies in the living room area. We talked about incorporating a built-in desk and TV stand. However, it became clear there was not enough wall space due to the wood stove and frankly a too short wall. We then thought about lining the hall with them. The trouble with storing items in a hallway is width, we felt we’d bump into each other too often while trying to pass by those using the shelving. Our architect had a practical solution, make the hall extra wide. From the wall to the front of the cubbies we have about 4’4″. It’s plenty roomy.

So, now instead of my wall of everything I have a hall of everything. We built the cubbies in 8 foot sections from gorgeous plywood. Dear Husband trimmed them out with chalkboard paint so I can label and change them as needed. What’s here? School books, other books, toys, sheets, records, games, yarn, fabric, batteries, flashlights and so on. You know, everything!

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