High Shoals Falls, GA.






With a concentration of falls hikes that encircle us, we went with the easy choice, the nearest one to the north, High Shoals Falls. We did read that it is one of the most impressive, so that solidified our choice. What we didn’t read was that the “road” (and yes I put that in quotes for a reason) to the “parking lot” is really a swollen kick butt hiking trail. In fact, my older son about lost faith in us as parents as we swung back and forth up this gravely, bumpy “road”. We reassured him that there were still indeed rustic parts in our country, and surely as a forest road this would pass. We were right. We landed in a parking lot where he promptly exited the truck and declared we should just get on with it.

The descent was fine. The terrain was much more well traversed than our first GA hike, and the loud rumble of the falls helped reassure us we were on the right track. I noticed the abundance of Galax leaves which was very cool because as a florist I used those time and again. I always love to see the flowers and greens growing naturally, as I’ve only seen them wrapped and rubber banded.

Finally, I’ve been experimenting with my phone time lapsing. I filmed us pulling Tracy up into the Chattahoochee National Forest. Check out my instagram for the time lapses.