Myrtle Beach State Park, SC.








Version 2

If you are going on a long trip and you get to choose anywhere to start, how would ocean not be near the top of that list? Exactly. After our Bledsoe Creek stay we headed east to said ocean, Myrtle Beach State Park to be exact. None of us have been here before so as we headed in we did not know what to expect. How bad could it be?

With 60’s and mostly sunny weather, the beach was inviting, not too hot, not too cold. Probably nearer too cold, but we were giddy enough that it masked any discomfort. The boys wore sweatshirts and shorts and were happy with a little wet feet, but not too much. The water was mighty cold. They made lots of forts and fortresses and dirt bike and NASCAR tracks in the sand. Dear Husband was on dog duty most of the beach time, actually most of the time, and I wandered with either a camera or metal detector. I found a quarter while searching, but sadly not due to the detector, I saw it before the beeping. Ah well, I found some pretty shells (and a sea urchin?) as well.

We rode our bikes plenty, but there weren’t many trails so it was around the same places. The beach allowed bikes on the sand due to the season. We drove up along the ocean to the fishing pier one night to see how fun that would be. Hmm. It was dirty, wet, and the kickstands just sunk. Somehow that didn’t ruin anyones moods. I told you, we were giddy.

This park is an amazing little snip of nature among the bustling seashore city. Dear Husband did venture out to grab some graham crackers for smores (duh, we forgot them!) and an RV part. Mostly we did our part to stay beachside because that’s the best spot. (One tiny drive to Camping World landed me with a sweet new bike basket though!) With two little stores and a fabulous fishing pier that just keeps drawing you over, somehow filling the day with laundry, eating, biking, and digging in sand was utterly exhausting and time -consuming. Emails were forgotten….

I’m finding working school work into the day is harder than I imagined. Peeling boys from the sand to read and do spelling isn’t their cup of tea. I’m hoping to figure out something that flows better. Clearly there are ample opportunities to learn as we go, but there are some things that will still require sitting at the table. Fortunately  I don’t feel like we are behind, just a little unsure of how to create a routine that isn’t annoying or awkward.

Oddly enough, when we headed out the boys moods were terrible. I’d like to say it was because they were sad to leave, even if they didn’t claim that. After a little gloomy road time everyone sort of settled in. I’m hopeful most transitions aren’t so blue.