Grassy Key RV Park, Marathon, FL.


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After that mosquito ridden festival in Everglades it petrified me to open the windows in the Keys. Seriously. I worried that just across the water the mosquitos couldn’t be any different. Fortunately I was wrong. In fact, we spent a few nights outside playing games by the bay. Perhaps that is why I love the Keys so much, because I came off a terrible experience, but I’m thinking it has a lot to do with the Keys just being so beautiful and unique.

My first impressions were good ones. Slender islands lend to beautiful views while driving, on both sides in fact. The businesses are beachy but not particularly worn out or run down, something I see a lot of in beach destinations. Plus, with so little room for buildings and stores (that whole slender thing), it’s not overly crowded with shopping. All this is fantastic because that water is turquoise marbleized with deep blue and mesmerizing. It’s all I wanted to look at.

Our campground, Grassy Key RV Park, was around $100 per night (off season its half that.) We knew we’d have to pay out because the state parks here book out a year in advance and we of course booked in February when we sold the house. Frankly, after Everglades, I was okay with that. Having a little wifi, water, a swimming pool and great laundry facilities was a-okay by me. It very much helps when the facilities are top-notch and clean. The distance to the pool was mere footsteps and with so few campsites in the whole campground it felt quite like we owned the place. Money well spent.

The pool sucked us in. After one visit to Sombrero Beach, we decided we quite preferred the non-grassy/non-rocky bottom of the pool anyways. With so much pool time the boys became super swimmers. We’ve done our share of swim lessons, but this week in the pool just made it all click. They both progressed so quickly that they were happily swimming the width of the pool and underwater by the end of our visit. Maybe it’s that broken air conditioner that had us in the water more often than not. The swimming progress was a fine development.

We also spent time waterside playing ladder ball and reading under the tiki hut. We discovered iguanas and cormorants and happily watched them watch us. The campground was tiny, and oddly all rock, but so pleasant I was grouchy to leave. Apparently I rambled on too much about our campground. Yikes. Expect more Keys from me, I’m not done praising this fabulous destination.