Helen, GA and Hiking.






We pulled Tracy up into the Chattahooche National Forest to settle near a replica Alpine town, Helen GA. We had no idea how much amazing hiking was abound. It only makes sense the Appalachian Trail starts not too far away. Our first day here we hiked a private trail connecting to our campground. We later learned it’s not allowed to be improved anymore, due to the current ownership, but it was probably one of the best hikes we ever did. This is because it included ropes to pull us uphill, involved multiple creek crossings, kept our minds sharp as we constantly had to search for blue tagged trees, not to mention all the ducking and climbing. The boys LOVED it. Truthfully, Dear Husband and I agree, it was one of our favorites as well. It was quite a challenge.

After that morning hike, our day just sort of faded away. We had some plans to hike to a local waterfall (I do believe there are over a dozen), but that earlier 2 miles really did us in. We were so wore out, we decided to dilly dally in Helen for the afternoon instead.

Little fella found a new friend in the form of a stuffed koala. He’s saving up money for a future stop, but couldn’t peel away from said friend. I suggested he call him “George” because we got him in Georgia, but he said he needed a better name. Mr. Kooky, he announced, was that better choice. Of course, he conceded that George could be his middle name, to not hurt my feelings.

We stopped at Hofer’s Bakery where the boys were allowed to choose anything they wanted until we heard the prices. Then we kept swaying their choices to the frustration of the people behind us, until we just pretty much forced them to get chocolate creme puffs. Then we ate half of their puffs. They were darn huge, but I’m sure we did a fail parent move here, with the offering choice, denying choice, then taking half anyways. Apparently they are used to this or the sugar was enough, because they didn’t complain. Or maybe their payback was the mess…