Brasstown Bald, or a Funny Name for the Highest Point in Georgia.






(Special thanks to my older son and his steady 10-year-old hands for the panoramic photo!)

Sitting at the campfire with neighbors, they asked what we had seen and what we had planned. Then they said, “Hey, you should take the boys up to Brasstown Bald.” Hmmm. That sounded a bit weird.  But then they said, “It’s fabulous, it’s the highest point in Georgia.” Ding! Years ago we took the boys to Cheaha State Park in Alabama, which was the highest point of that state. We all enjoyed that trip fiercely. This seemed right up our alley after all.

It took two tries, a little grumpiness, and one heck of a steep climb to get to that tower. In fact, my older son and I left Dear Husband and our littler fella in the dust as we were anxious to reach the top. Man alive our hearts were thumping. We all arose victorious to freezing cold wind. Dear Husband mentioned the 20 degree temperature drop and sadly only had on a vest and shorts. My older son said he spotted a hat, and I about leapt to get and keep it. When he pointed it out, though, it was sodden. Bummer. I swear I would have worn it if it was dry.

Brasstown Bald is fabulous! The visitors center was closed due to the season, but the lookout area was open for us to roam (and hide from the wind behind.) That view helped my carsick belly settle for a while too. We were atop with fellow camera enthusiasts until the sun set, and then we all ran downhill to our heated vehicles. Not to compare, but I’d say Cheaha is the better option. We were literally camped walking distance from that tower and went back and forth to it many times with the boys. However, Brasstown Bald is nothing to complain about, save for our poor choice in sweatshirts. Heck, if you see undulating mountains anywhere, it’s a darn good day.