Making It Official.



On November 17th we had our final house inspection and jumped for joy as we received approval to move in. It did NOT mean we were ALL done, but the cold weather was pushing us to just go for it. We still had a list of things to complete, little things. Trim here, paint here. We actually STILL have a list, although it’s lots shorter. My greatest fear was we’d move in and feel settled and let the list just sort of dangle while we took a break. It’s so hard to get back to that list of projects. Not to worry, Dear Husband is on it. He’s been enthusiastically tying up those loose ends.

Anyhow, one of my ultimate favorite things about our house is the built-in shelving in our very long hallway. We designed the hallway wider than most to accommodate cubbies and ample movement for passersby. I’m just elated to have all of our stuff in one spot! I’ve dubbed it the “hall of everything.” In the above photo Dear Husband is finishing up the chalkboard trim install (will do one last layer of paint soon.)

I also like that our house has one large room that serves as our kitchen and living area. I’m close to getting it finished up. I have some more items to hang and so on, but for the most part it’s very exciting to see the clutter decreasing. Most things have found a home, which is making it feel like a real home.