Sorting it Out.




Dear Husband is finishing out the month at work, so we are living “on the road” locally. That’s actually worked out fabulous for us. We have had our share of kinks to work out. For instance, my muck boots failed miserably. Who knew they were so leaky? New muck boots located, check. We realized our wheel chocks were a big fail, as Tracy literally hopped forward while we had the jacks setting down. It wasn’t as scary as it sounds, but, yes, we had new wheel chocks shipped in.

Plus, the closet situation is failing. It has a “false” floor with a hidden storage bucket underneath, but darn it, that lends no support for actual “stuff” because it’s not solid. I had two plastic drawer storage containers in there that were just weighing too much. They shoved into the bucket, pushed that down, it collapsed. I removed one unit, it collapsed, I removed more,  it collapsed, well, you get the idea. I had to switch some things around. I think I found something that will work. Let’s see, our Berkey water filter broke too. Then I’m also adjusting to Dear Husband’s laptop computer. It’s been very hard for me to check photos for clarity, because every time the screen moves, the photos look different. Well, that wraps up most of the fails.

It’s not all tragedies though, in fact it’s been pleasant with this wave of warm weather coming in. Waking up with the sweet flock of ducks (including unique Muscovy ducks)  has been a treat. My youngest son said they take the place of our chickens and requested we have some ducks when we resettle. I washed dishes outside the other day while a dozen or so ducks had their heads tucked behind their wings and rested just at the shore beyond our site. It was darn adorable. The boys are on their bikes more than they ever have been (me too and my thighs are feeling it!) and the park is the favorite hang out as of late. The weather warmed up so much that the barren campground awoke and flooded with campers and campfires galore. I sure do love checking out those fellow Airstreams! (I think I’ll be sharing sweet rig photos in their own posts.) We also got the hammock up, but the boys are in it so much I still haven’t had a chance. I think we may need another hammock. In fact, I think that will happen quite soon.

At night, Dear Husband and I are planning our trail and revising as needed. We are also planning a fun upgrade to the trailer this week. (Dear Husband was checking some wiring for said upgrade.) The boys are getting anxious to “really” start the trip. Just a few more nights and we’ll be heading out.