Sting First Aid.



When we moved South to Tennessee, dear husband purchased a snake bite kit. The possibility of poisonous snakes brought out the Boy Scout in him, a man who is ever-prepared. He’s trained me well, because when we went hiking in North Carolina recently, I brought the kit along, and we used it. Fortunately this was NOT for a snake, but rather a bug bite.

While picking up the campsite (before another round of rain) dear husband grabbed something. His verbal reaction let us all know it didn’t feel good. We looked for a stinger or a bug, but found neither. Then I ran to the backpack and grabbed the unused bite and sting kit. With a quick glazing over the instructions, I set to task. Using the smallest nozzle, I pressed it against his thumb and we counted to 60. Wouldn’t you know it? It worked! We saw a little, yellow, round ball of liquid just outside his sting! We wiped it off and he was just like normal. I’m not kidding! I’ve never seen something work so fast and so well. He reported absolutely no pain after we used the kit and we pressed on as normal.

This kit is palm-sized, light weight, and because of our success with it, will be with us on every hike we take!

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