Sssuper Sssimple Snake.



While watching a disappointing NASCAR race with my boys, I knitted a snake. It’s a simple fella made to use up a full skein of yarn. Sometimes you just need a little rainy Sunday, race day project, right? Actually, my motivation was to have a snake for my Halloween costume, and the clock is ticking. Meanwhile, my younger fella has named him Rick. (Note: This is not meant as a toy or used without supervision because it’s super long and a possible choking hazard. It would be a great jump rope though.)

Anyways, if you wanna make this super simple snake, here’s what you’ll need:

1 skein Lions Brand Homespun USA (green)

2 Size 11 double point needles

Get started:

CO 5.

Knit as an i-cord until 131 inches long, (almost all the yarn is gone). Don’t worry, it goes by very quickly because it’s so chunky.

To form the head: (continue these rows in i-cord fashion, no need to pull super tight, this head will be “one-sided”)

Row 1: kfb, k3, kfb (slide and continue as i-cord knitting until the end)

Row 2: kfb, k5, kfb

Row 3: k

Row 4: k2tog, k5, k2tog

Row 5: k*

Row 6: k2tog, k3, k2tog

Row 7: k2tog, k1, k2tog

Row 8: ssk, k1

Row 9: k2tog

Knot off. Shape the head and weave in loose ends.


Shape the tail point by gathering CO yarn tail, weave it in and pulling it tight.

Sew on buttons for eyes.

Can you guess what I’m going to be for Halloween?

(I was Medusa. This snake was my scarf.)

4 thoughts on “Sssuper Sssimple Snake.

  1. I love this snake. I don’t let the kids have those plastic snakes because we live in a snake region and I am worried if the youngest plays with a toy snake he’ll be confused with a real venomous snake that comes on the property. A knitted snake is perfect.

    • My boys were born in non-snake country but we live in snake country (with some poisonous ones). I’m not a huge fan, but snakes do serve their purpose. Wildlife teachers here tell kids if you see a snake, back away and then go tell an adult. We see a handful of snakes per year on our property, but not poisonous ones thankfully.

    • Sigh. I’m not a huge snake fan, but I have learned tolerance. I grew up in non-snake country, but we see a few per year on our property now. I still jump a mile when I see one:)

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