Square Knitting Needles.


My fingerless gloves need replacing. I found a sweet pattern called Spirogyra and needed to purchase size 2 double-pointed needles for the center section of the gloves. Jimmybeanswool.com had square double points at 50% off. I thought I’d give them a try.

I prefer wooden needles. Metal needles are too slippery for me. Still, I wanted to see what the difference could be, so I purchased the 7″ set. I switched them out where necessary in the pattern and did a round. Interesting. Tried another. Huh. Tried another. Wow.

I didn’t expect a large difference but I will try to explain what I did notice. My current needles are fine and I knit until the point where I am “fatigued.” It’s the point when I know my hands and wrist are getting tired and if I go further I’ll end up with long-term pain which would delay my knitting for several nights. So I stop. It just depends on the day what that point could be. With the square double point needles I didn’t know when to stop. I really didn’t feel that point of fatigue. That was very surprising to me.

I feel like they have a good grip on the stitch. They don’t slip or slide out. I am definitely going to buy more of the double points. I emailed Kollage to see if they have interchangeables and they promptly responded they are releasing a set at the end of this month. I am not a fan of the pink color but I think I’m going to save my monthly spending budget for them anyways.


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