Things have been downright crazy since Halloween. Well, the night before Halloween.

My son tripped the Friday night (before Halloween) in the yard and incurred a small eye injury. He’s recovering so well and is his chipper self again, something we all are super happy about. During this whole diagnosis and healing process, Dear Husband relocated jobs (closer, yay) and we decided to go on with a small construction project in the house. To squeeze more in, I ended up sick myself, which has now worked its way through the household (save for my son who had the injury, phew poor kid could use a break). A whole lotta toast getting eaten around here.

Truthfully, the past two weeks have both dragged on and flew by at the exact same time.

And participating in anything Martinmas was laughable. There was no way we’d be able to finish and light our lanterns… even if we remembered. I guess I should have finished them in October when I started them, instead of shelf them with “so much time left to work on them.” Soon though. Soon. I’ve been working on them little by little and we hope to use them soon.

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