Snow Play.







It snowed. A lot. The most we’ve seen since we relocated South to Tennessee. I got a text from my friend back “home” in Northern Illinois who said she was jealous. I assured her she’d get to play soon enough. But, for the past few days it has been our turn.

In between chores, Dear Husband toured the boys and the neighbor kiddos around in the jet sled. In between jet sledding, the boys and neighbor kiddos played outdoors or shed every sopping wet mitten, hat, scarf, sock, boot liner, and other layer somewhere across my tile floor in piles as they warmed indoors. In between helping Dear Husband with chores, I cleaned up said sopping items, dried and cleaned, and repeated the process. I won’t lie though, I got a run in the jet sled too. It was fabulous.

Dear Husband confessed to me this afternoon, “I miss snow.” You already know I’m a fan. Like my youngest wondered aloud to his older brother, “There is so much you can do with snow!”

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