Slipper Love.




Last week, after I finished up my pair of slippers, my younger son sidled up and asked for a pair. Happy to oblige, I quickly knitted up the red and yellow colors he choose. My older son tried those on and requested a pair of his own, his size, his color choices. He picked out his favorite yarns (black, yellow, and a tan/white blend) and I worked them up. He was pretty anxious to join in, hinting with comments like “Mom, let’s finish this up so you can go knit” or “What are you going to do next, work on knitting my slippers?”

Well, the slipper love keeps on going. Dear husband’s slippers are on my needles now and I have two more requests, my mom and mom-in-law. Seems I hit the knitted gift jackpot! It’s been so great giving my family gifts they truly want and something very useful too. Notice how battered these slippers look already? That’s because my boys refuse to take them off! They’ve even been sleeping in them and park them right by the door so they don’t forget to slip them back on after we return from car errands.

For the boys, in addition to the ribbon and leather bottoms like mine, I added a small elastic thread with a pull stop to make the slippers stay on. They can slide it up and down easily.

Another slipper love bonus, total yarn stash buster! Hold three or four strands of yarn together and you’re bound to use it up quickly. It makes for a soft, thick slipper bottom and a dwindling yarn pile. Both very good things.

What are you working on today?

5 thoughts on “Slipper Love.

    • Their neighbor buddy was over last night. The boys all came inside and my boys slipped on their slippers. “What are those?” he asked. “Slippers,” they replied. “Why are you putting them on?” My youngest son belted, “Because they’re AWESOME!”

  1. These are awesome! I need to knit up some slippers…maybe if I make something my kids will keep them on their feet. They like to be barefooted all the time, and our floors are so cold!

  2. I find when the boys choose their colors they feel more dedicated to the final product. I think I’ll be knitting slippers every single year after the success we’ve had!

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