Simple, Tiny Knittens.




Tiny mitten patterns don’t have to be so fussy. Only one row of simple increasing yields these sweeties ready for your tree, packages, or holiday cards. Super easy and super cute. Cast on below and enjoy.

What you’ll need:

Yarn Scraps, DK, Aran, or thinnish worsted weight (in actuality anything you’d like to try would be fun)

(Multicolor knittens shown in Moda Dea Cartwheel, Coral Reef Colorway)

(4) Size 3 Double Pointed Needles

Large pin

Start knitting:

CO 16 and disperse over 3 needles.

Row 1-2: K1P1 rib

Row 3-6: K

Row 7: K6, KFB, K2, KFB, K6

Row 8-9: K

Row 10: K7, slip 6 stitches to pin, K to end

Row 11-14: K

Row 15: K2tog 3 times

Cut yarn approximately 14″ from the tip of the mitten. Thread yarn on needle, slip through the six live stitches and knot off. Pull the yarn down through the top seal and back up through the open thumb hole (see third photo above). Use this yarn to finish knitting the thumb.

Row 16: K

Row 17: K2tog 3 times

Rethread yarn needle, slip through live stitches and knot off. Thread through tip of thumb and inside mitten to hide loose yarn.

Repeat for second knitten. Tie them together and decorate. Link up to the pattern on Ravelry and show off your tiny knittens too! I love to see what you’ve made.

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