Sewing Shorts.



I’m onto pair number five and I have two more planned, including some for my niece and psuedo-nieces. These shorts are addicting! I stumbled into the pattern on The Purl Bee last week and haven’t looked back. They are eating through my fabric stash quite nicely. Each pair uses such a small section, so my vintage stash finally is dwindling. They can become usable jammy shorts.

I’m averaging a pair a day, and I hope to mail off the little pairs to the girls this week. But now I feel bad. My boys aren’t the type to wear such short shorts and I don’t want them left out. I’ve dug around for a pattern they’d like too. I settled on this vest. I have some excellent plaid vintage prints that will work so well for them.

Gotta a little sewing wind and I’m gonna ride it.

5 thoughts on “Sewing Shorts.

  1. I’m glad to hear you love them, I just downloaded this pattern last week. They look great.. I’m just finishing some Oliver + S shorts (another free pattern) but these look more cozy. Nice job!

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