Seven Years.

Seven years ago my whole life changed. At 3:00 AM on Sept. 14 I had a new baby in my arms. A baby boy! I couldn’t put him down, I woke him while sleeping in his hospital crib to hold him instead of let him be. I was in love.

My boy is seven years old today. Seven years that included long nights, frustration, joy, pain (those teeth hurt while nursing!), reality checks, sheer delight, happiness, laughter, worry, doubt. I once heard John Williams on WGN radio say that a life without children would be easier but a life with children is so much deeper, meaningful and richer. Spot on for us.

These next years will be challenging, educating, and exciting. To see my child develop as an individual, need me less, but need me more in new ways I can only guess, but never predict. Happy Birthday dear boy. I am so connected to you in ways you’ll perhaps never know, but someday might. You are the spirit in my day.

Enjoy your little treasures today. Your special plate and cup, your birthday trip around a candle seven times, your knit bulldog you selected and I made for you with love. I’ll enjoy it all just as much.

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