Scarf to Cowl.





This summer I found a 100% wool Pendleton woven scarf at Goodwill, bought it and stashed it. I knew the boys wouldn’t wear it, it’s just too scratchy for their liking, but I thought if I lined it with something soft, I might be able to persuade them to use it. Months passed, it sat, and then the weather got really, really cold. I actually remembered I bought it (a plus) and asked them to look for a lining fabric from my stash. After much rubbing of fabric on faces, they settled on something very soft.

To make the two cowls from one scarf I used:

1 upcycled wool scarf

1 piece of scrap fabric

6 plastic snaps

I whipped them up (as my Mom used to say) like this:

First, I folded the scarf in half (bringing the short ends together) and cut. I needed to get two of the same cowls from the scarf, two boys + two cowls= no complaining. Each piece was approximately 12 inches tall by 22 1/2 inches wide.

Second, I layed the cut scarf rectangle down on the white dotted lining fabric, right sides together.

I zipped around the edges with a 1/4″ seam, leaving a small place to turn right side out.

Then I pulled it right side out and went around the whole thing again with that 1/4″ foot to finish it off.

When I had the two rectangles done I used my new handy, dandy snap machine (bought it used, an opportunity I couldn’t refuse) to make a line of three snaps on the edges. This is awesome because when they want it off, they can just unsnap it off. No whining, complaining or over the head tugging. It’s just unsnap and go. With the three snaps we can also adjust the height for comfort while wearing too.

I think you could sew on snaps if you don’t have a snap press, or go velcro as well.

I finished these up right quick and they were used for a day or two. The weather has gotten warmer, but we’re always hoping to get that cold snow throughout the winter. Even Dear Husband let it slip he’d like some snow to pull the boys around in their sled.

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