Pictures of Mushrooms and a Wool Felt Mushroom Pattern.


Whatever rain we didn’t get in August, has been saved and dropped this September. Whatever time I saved mowing during our dry spell is being spent mowing now! I’m assuming the moisture is bringing these mushrooms. Sizes and colors vary. Magical or ugly? I’m not a mushroom eater, or identifier (you can try here), but the collection of them under the trees and brown and white ones are definitely interesting. Scroll down for a DIY to make your own mushrooms.

Note: The orange ones are from our recent trip to South Mountains State Park in NC.







Last year I contributed a mushroom pattern to Rhythm of the Home. The abundance of mushrooms reminded me to share the pattern here as well.




Wool Felt (thinnest is best)

Marble or Stone (optional)

Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread



Print out pattern. Check the following before you start: Your mushroom should be at least 6” tall and 4 3/4” wide from tip to tip. Most importantly, your stem should be at least 1 ¾” wide. Your hat will be 3” tall and 3” wide. (Alternately you can draw it using these numbers for reference.)

Cut the patterns loosely out of the paper.

Place the patterns on your felt and pin down.

Cut the felt out along the lines. One mushroom shape will yield one mushroom.

Sew the Mushroom


Fold the mushroom shape in half symmetrically with the right sides inside.

Sew from the bottom of the stem to the base of the mushroom top using the smallest seam you can. I use a ¼” seam. The small seem makes your next step easier.

Flip stem inside out except for a little at the end. Leave that in to add girth at the base.

Your mushroom cap is in half symmetrically.


Stitch from edge of mushroom in a straight line across the stem and to the other side with a small seam allowance.



Flip cap down.



Optional: Place a marble or stone in the base of the mushroom so it will stand. Embellish with French knots.

Pattern Here: Mushroom Pattern

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