Photos and Pillows.






This summer I found a stack of five white (embroidered?) squares at a garage sale for $1. I immediately thought, pillows! I bought a chunk of taupe fabric for the backs and five zippers. I finished two straight away, but finally finished the last three this week. I’ve been in a sewing mood lately…more to come.

Also, this weekend I spent three hours at a photography class in Nashville, my very first formal photography class ever! They offered free sensor cleaning and to take advantage of that I had to bring my camera sans lens. So my first photo is of the hotel interior, via my iphone. I definitely learned more about my camera’s tools and abilities and truly that photography is about getting it wrong enough to get it right.

Anyhow, while photographing the pillow in my red chair (the best seat in the house, comfort and view wise) for this post, my older son started asking questions.

“Can I take a photo?”

“Can we use the self-timer?”

“How do I make it lighter?”

He took the bottom photo of our view out the window by my excellent red chair, analyzing the histogram. He then set up a few shots of us sitting together by the window using the self-timer. By the fourth shot he was satisfied with our “selfie.” My original intent for this post was to talk about handwork, the joy of looking out the window with my new soft pillow on my back, or other ramblings. Instead, my sweet fella turned it into a much more special moment. Pillows come and go. Decorations switch and window views change, but getting the chance to teach and talk with your kiddo about something you love and they might just like too, well heck, that’s a real blog post!

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