Owls by Matt Sewell.


The most charming birds indeed, certainly a most charming book. The eye candy in this book is fabulous. Each page has a sweet illustrated owl with factual information about it. Yes, I lost track of time when I cracked it open! Sewell’s attention to each bird is fascinating (top right corner photo is my favorite – the Eurasion Pygmy Owl). His passion recognizable. Each picture made me want to flip to see the next, page by single page, slowly, savoringly.

But more than just the art, this is a valuable reference book for many years to come. One I will keep on the shelf and pull down again and again, it is timeless. It comes complete with a checklist in back to mark off the birds as we spot them. It’s a great handheld size too.

Matt Sewell’s site is full of illustrations to drool over. (He also has a similar book of woodland birds.) For any passionate naturalists out there, Owls is a book worth getting your hands on.

(P.S….I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.)

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