New Path.





Dear Husband and I have traveled since we met. His job provided ample opportunities and I was fortunate enough to tag along crossing the US. Pregnancy didn’t slow us down, and frankly neither did having a little fella, then two, to bring along. By the time my youngest was three though, our endless travel opportunities changed. Instead, a new opportunity presented itself. One that involved relocating near Nashville, TN.

We have been near Nashville for a little over four years. During that time our traveling has lessened considerably. Of course, we have squeezed in many fun camping trips and overnight adventures, but something has gnawed at us. Our boys are growing, quickly. They don’t remember when we dragged them to Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. For over a year we’ve had lots of late night talks. More serious thoughts. We decided to put our house up for sale in October.

Through the entire year we have sold, cleaned out, planned, cleaned up and shown the house, and saved money like we were a couple on a mission. We were. We are. We are moving into our Airstream trailer and taking to the road for a trip of a lifetime.

We are storing our items (trailer pictured above), bringing the necessities (muck boots waited patiently aside while other items got packed for storage) and settling back into a life on the road with our kiddos (their favorite “pups” have found a little home atop our cabinet in Tracy).

I expect posting to become sporadic as WiFi won’t be under my control. But, I WILL be posting! I started this blog to capture our little stories. This new adventure is a big part of those stories.

So there you have it. It’s a new path for us. One we’ve prepared for, one we know very well, and one we are thrilled to embark on with older boys who will be able to remember some of it.

In more good news, Stones River National Battlefield will be featuring our family trip on their Facebook page here. We will be their “roving reporters” celebrating 100 Years of our National Parks. See you down the road.

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  1. We did this for 3 months in 2005 with our five children. The trip of a lifetime. Back then Mammoth Cave National Park was one of our favourite stops and just last week our oldest son and his wife toured the caves for the second time for him. They plan on returning again.

    • Reading the history was fascinating. It’s a great place to camp. I was sad they are revamping the inside of the hotel because I wanted to take one last walk inside there too.

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