Museum of Aviation, Warner Robbins, GA


Admist the drizzling and downpours we had a great visit at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robbins GA this week. The docents were extremely friendly and informative, easily showing their pride for the collection. A loop outdoors, a quick pop in building one, and we already knew we didn’t have enough time planned to see it all. So, we focused on the hands-on spots for the boys.



It was particularly fun to watch our youngest son get excited and point to the next plane he could not wait to see. Then, upon arrival, he’d glance at it for a moment but see another he just couldn’t wait to check out next. It was a chain reaction that quickly moved us around the exterior of the building.


Unable to do tons of reading as the boys move quickly, Dad and I learned to generally focus on asking the docents questions. However, an airplane and helicopter cockpit did keep them in one area for a while.


Braving the watery mess, we headed from building to building, where we ended up finding something I adored. Sewing handwork. Dad said I’m the only one who ever noticed the stitching on this helmet, but I doubt it. I dragged the whole family back to see what this pilot had done to repair this hole with a mix of stitches. Also, in the final building I found a wedding dress made from a parachute from World War II.


We did a good job of seeing most of their collection and enjoyed our time there. Another bonus of the museum, it’s free! Donations are welcome of course, but it’s amazing to see what can be gathered and organized on little funds.

We’ve done a few air museums with the kids. Here are some others we really enjoyed:

EAA Museum, Oshkosh, WI

Hill Aerospace Museum, Roy, UT (North of Salt Lake City)

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