Mount Rushmore, SD.




Both boys have been to Mount Rushmore before, but Little Fella was still in diapers so he didn’t remember it. Fog kept us from visiting the first week, however, one lovely, clear day we did make the visit.

Rushmore is one of those places that I look at for a little time, ponder, and move on. It’s hard to linger and stare because it doesn’t really change. We did the hike, enjoyed the visitor’s center, earned another Junior Ranger badge, and looked a bit more. Rushmore is not a park to really dig into. I love the parks with hiking, camping, biking, etc. I understand why Rushmore cannot offer that and take it for what it is. Still, I’m happy to have it checked off the list.

So, finally, I’m wrapping of our last travel stint. We have finished up our house and are moving in and trying to settle. Our plans of traveling for a year morphed into travel to some great places and build our home in Wisconsin. Oddly. I’m not sure how that all worked into one year, but now we are on the other end of that. Soon I’ll post up photos of the home we created from the ground up and what we intend from here.

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