More Tidying.

Brenda's Kitchen

When we moved in this November, it was a bit rushed. We succeeded moving in before snow started stacking up around our Airstream. I got things unpacked and mostly organized, enough to get Christmas going. It’s not only until now that I’m really starting to solidify homes for items. I’ve spent time in the kitchen this past week (which is smaller than our last) deciding what needs to be in the immediate vicinity. I have overflow storage down the hall in the laundry room for the popcorn machine, ice cream maker, and a few other things I really do use, but not weekly. I’ve utilized our canning jars and label maker and a little Konmari folding for napkins too. So, this kitchen is settling in nicely and just feeling better.

Also, I just wanted to mention that we decided against a dishwasher for our plan. With the open shelving up top, we needed all the space below for food and utensil storage. We have one large sink which fills with dishes so quickly it can make my head spin. Some times I curse the decision, but more often I don’t. I grew up drying dishes that my sister washed every night. Now Dear Husband washes while I dry or the boys dry. I’ve never owned a dishwasher that worked amazingly anyways. We did put an outlet and have a spot for it if we do want one, but now, we don’t.

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