Mammoth Site, Hot Springs & Dinosaur Park, Rapid City SD.



Prehistory is a big deal in our family, we all just really enjoy the topic. Each year we drop some book from the curriculum to insert a prehistory title. It’s common to find dinosaur books and sea reptile books strewn across the floor. Even though we’ve visited many fossil and dig sites, we seem to continually seek out new ones.

So we landed at Mammoth Site just outside Hot Springs, SD. I didn’t include too many pictures because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. It’s amazing! The tour guide was thorough, helpful, and excited about the project. Dear Husband was surprised about its discovery and preservation, how fortunate we are that the construction crew didn’t just plow through there. In a few hours time we learned about two types of mammoth, their teeth structures, their abilities, why so many were found at that spot. The tour exhausts the facility and ends in a small museum. We’ve not seen so many mammoths before, so this was a unique, prehistoric stop.

Rapid City has a little historical site that was built by the WPA. In the 1930’s they constructed a handful of dinos atop a lookout over the city. Mamas and Papas galore where trekking uphill with giddy kiddos to see a duck-billed dino, a stegosaurus, T-rex, and more. This place has a great view for the resting parents while the kids poke, prod, and smile among the dinos. Down below even has a gift shop with popcorn and treats. Little Fella enjoyed this stop the most. My older son was less impressed, looking for anatomically correct dinos. I told him that’s part of history too. The dinos that “existed” in the 30’s are just different from the ones today mainly because of new discoveries. That’s history too!


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