Mack: Our Shelter Dog.


Our old man can’t make it up on the bed anymore. Fortunately he has some other sweet spots to rest. Everyday, as I walk circles around my home (not aimlessly I swear), I see this fella perched and napping. Sometimes I ask him if he’d like to swap, do a little chores while I lay, but most of the time I think he is so darn cute and leave him be.

This man came to us from an animal shelter in Rockford, IL thirteen years ago. He was 5 1/2 months old, had long legs, big paws, and a good smile. I convinced Dear Husband he needed us, even though we had two dogs already. I’d never do that again, but I’m so glad we did.

We named him Mack, after the everlasting trucks. He fit right in, ready to play, ready to rest when the other dogs made him, and always good for some petting. Fences have been accidentally left open and he’s never left. Call his name and he can’t get to your side fast enough. He never ate through our trash, broke anything, or swallowed a baby chick. He has been known to wander to the neighbor dog’s house if left alone, but he’s always happy to return when you call his name. I’ve literally watched him chase rabbits to our property line and then stop. No fence, no underground fence, maybe a few name calls. He’s just an all around jolly fellow and a true good dog, the stuff of legends. Perhaps, that is why I don’t deny him his day long naps. He’s just a good dude looking for a little rest time. He’s totally earned it.

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