Lucet Cord.



Not that I need more fiber art crafts, but it’s too darn easy to join in when I have the yarn staring at me and a resourceful husband who can cut tools in his shop. I stumbled into “lucet” online (aka knitting fork) and searched to find an image of this fabulous little device. It’s a hand tool used to make cording that dates back to the vikings. I found this pattern and Dear Husband cut it out for me on Saturday.

After a quick sanding, I put it to work. Initially it felt like spool knitting to me and my cord was lifeless and loose. Then I started getting a feel for it and as you can see a tiny, tight cord started developing. I kept telling everyone to come see it and slid my hand down it again and again.

This was easy to pick up. It’s definitely child friendly, requiring the same movements as spool knitting or finger knitting. The result varies per yarn and tightness. I’m sewing up a jacket for my younger son this week and I’m hoping to make this his cord for his hood.

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  1. I’ve seen this tool in images before, but haven’t yet had time to look up how to use it. I think my kids (let’s face it, me too) would really enjoy it – my youngest loves spool knitting. Do you have a link you can share for learning to use it?

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