Lost River Cave.

lostrivercavepailandpie1With stories that boast of Civil War soldiers gone missing, prohibition evasion, and full-out local dump, Lost River Cave has enough folklore to keep any local history buff intrigued. With an outdoor nature playscape, two miles of hiking trails, a butterfly habitat, and a giant sluice box, it has plenty to keep any family busy. And with lush greenery, blue holes, a river, and a cave, it has enough nature to keep our naturalist family engaged.


Last October we were fortunate enough to meet some new home school friends here for playtime and hiking (with some feet soaking in the gentle waterfall) fun. Local flooding kept us from going inside the cave that day, but the facility was so nice we knew we’d return. With Grandma visiting this week, we thought that time should well be now.

Hot weather kept us from hiking this round, but our time was rather invested in a booklet of short activities the boys could complete to earn a patch and free local ice cream. Learning about cave formations, understanding local animal needs, and other choices rounded out this easy but interesting project. Since the boys were busy our wait seemed pretty short and we hiked down and loaded up in the boat per the guides instructions with a large crowd.


Inside our guide shared lite historical facts and comparisons, nicknames for formations, and lame jokes. The 1-year-old guest on the tour across from my son hated the later…. or more likely the dark. Her cries kept me from hearing most of the tour on the way out, but, of course we already passed it on the way in so I’m sure I didn’t miss much.

I’m not going to lie, The boat tour was quite short and for that it was a bit of a let down. In retrospect it was probably best because of the crying child anyhow. But, I do think it’s a lovely cave with not only history, but a lot of beautiful preserved nature. The employees ooze care for the surroundings. After the list of things they pulled out of the cave when it was the local dump deserves respect. Today, this facility beams pristine facilities and friendliness and for it being a non-profit organization I just can’t help but plan a return visit for a hike this Autumn.



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