Life Changing Magic: A Journal.


This past summer I listened to Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It worked for me. Six months later our drawers are still organized. I haven’t fallen into old habits. Life after cleaning out our home is less stressful because there is less clutter to sift through and frankly just manage every day. Truthfully, I have more pride in our space. Our house doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. Plus, now I think much harder about what I bring in the house. I’m so thankful Marie Kondo shared her fastidious passion.

Ask the rest of the family and you may hear another thing. The changes for the rest of the family have been difficult. I do harp on them more than I usually would about putting their items away (or even in the trash can. What is that? Why is actual trash not put in the trash can?) However, I’m not ashamed that I have to ask them, instead I’m empowered. I cite the reasons for putting trash in the trash can, or toys in a bag, or clean clothes and blankets NOT on the floor. I don’t just give up and sigh.

Now Marie Kondo offers up a simple, beautiful little journal that I’ve used since January the first. Life Changing Magic: A Journal is a blank slate. When I started flipping through it, I’ll admit I was disappointed. It is substantial in size and meant to last three years, but I was hoping for a little more meat inside. I wanted little pictures of folded shirts in a drawer or little mentions of “if you don’t like a gift you’ve received, pass it on, it’s okay.” Then I started realizing what the intentions of this journal truly are. This journal is for AFTER you’ve completed your journey, after you are delivered from “stuff” and have your systems in place. This journal is to help you hone in on the little daily things you like to help you create a future you envision.

I must admit, this book reminds me of Go Ahead and Like It but in a much less crafty, newspaper clipping sort of way. Both focus on bringing your attention to the things you enjoy. I think that is a fabulous idea, but I’m not sure you need this journal to do it. Any sweet notebook would do. Then again, Marie Kondo’s journal does spark extra joy for me because of the Kondo connection and design, and that makes it a keeper for me.


(I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.)

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