Kentucky Down Under.














I’m falling in love with Kentucky, visit by visit. We live very near the Kentucky border, so our visits are pretty frequent, and truly getting more so! This past week we had beautiful Autumn weather and color while visiting Kentucky Down Under, an adventure zoo and cave site (Kentucky has a lot of the latter). With the tourist season on the down swing, our visit felt like more of a behind the scenes tour than a frustratingly crowded tourist stop.

We’ve driven by this zoo and cave a few times,  sadly never paying it a second thought. We tend to stick with national and/or state parks. However, when guests come to town, we do like to try new things. This week Kentucky Down Under just happened to fit the bill. I’m sure happy we tried it.

With Border Collies happily demonstrating their herding skills, kangaroos and emus sucking up pets, lorikeets swarming us for nectar, and a lamp light cave tour, it was a miracle of a day. In fact, we left saying it was very unfortunate that Dad didn’t get to come! The boys already decided for his birthday we must treat him here. We spent four hours meandering their small zoo, checking out their presentations, animals, lamp lighted cave tour and fudge. Its relatively small grounds made it easy to navigate. Its helpful staff and well cared for animals made us feel welcome. All in all, it was another great visit to beautiful Kentucky. I’m definitely hoping for another visit to both places soon.

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