Just Add Ears.

justaddearspailandpie1For twins due in June I finished up some booties and hats. The hats were bland and it’s known (right?) that every hat is cuter with ears. Unable to find a knit baby ear pattern I came up with my own. So, if you feel the same way, and you have an earless baby hat in need, just add ears!


Worsted Yarn (I used Berroco Remix in Burnt Orange and Poppy) on Size 5 Needles.

CO 9

Row 1&3: Knit (K)

Row 2&4: Purl (P)

Row 5: SSK, K5, K2tog

Row 6: P

Row 7: SSK, K3, K2tog

Row 8: P

Row 9: SSK, K1, K2tog

Row 10: Bind off in purl stitch.

Weave loose end from top into ear. Use other loose end at bottom of ear to adhere to your baby hat to make it adorable!

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