Iron Men.



DSC_0095Knitting time has changed. I used to get a few rows in throughout the day (on good days) and a few rows at night when we watched movies. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Now, I get solid knitting time while Dear Husband is driving and sometimes no knitting at all for many days when we are parked and exploring. 

Last drive I finished up some Iron Man Mitts for the boys. They requested one hand with repulsor and one without. I guess the real Iron Man’s repulsors hide until in use, so they wanted to have that effect.

Little Fella has an Iron Man mask that Santa tucked in his stocking this past Christmas. When his mitts were done he was giddy. He said he needs a hat, vest, and leg “things” next. Whoa boy-o, I’ve got a few other knits planned, but if I do keep adding bits for him it would be one heck of a Halloween option.

While we stay at Grassy Key RV park in Marathon, FL I anticipate very little knitting. There is a saltwater pool that’s as warm as bath water and hardly full. Plus the beaches, Key West, and some other fun plans. Perhaps when we head back North I’ll be ready for another Ironman project.

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