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We saw the Goosebumps movie last week. We all loved it. Little Fella is the one who discovered the trailer a few weeks ago. He showed me the trailer, which was darn funny, we got it from the library and it didn’t disappoint. We are working a bit backwards here because we haven’t read any Goosebumps books. Little Fella has now started reading the graphic novels at night. (Yikes, I would NEVER have been able to read scary books before bed as a child, I don’t care how tame they are.) He’s loving those.

The next step? To write his own, but of course. He grabbed a stack of fresh paper and decided he’s got a tale to tell. (We won’t get into the use of “Goosebumps” in his title, I’ll hold off on that lesson for now.) He’ll sit at the table and impressively print with a steady hand. Then he’ll ask if I’d like to read any, which I of course do. Sometimes he’ll find me if he’s stuck. We’ll talk out what options the characters have and he’ll dash away to record his next section. He’s got a full-page and a half done so far. (He’s excited it will be his first non-illustrated book, he’s moving on from his illustrated superhero books. Sigh.) Anyhow, it’s very fulfilling to see him enjoy reading, writing, and sharing his own (R.L. Stine inspired) ideas.

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