How to Make Wool Dryer Balls.


I have a bit of a wool dryer ball obsession going on now. It started innocently with a small project to keep the boys busy while I was at a class. I gathered together some wool and yarn and put the fellas to task. The trouble is, I fell in love. I think they are so cute. The boys have selected favorites to keep as toys, and well, I’m pretty sure everyone I know will be getting some this Christmas as gifts:) So, here is how I make wool dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls are super easy to make so definitely include the kids on this project.


What you need:

wool (100% only) yarn and/or roving


rubber bands

washing machine


1. Put a “chunk” of an old wool sweater, wool yarn scraps, or something of the kind together for your center. (For a cat toy or for the kids, put a bell in too).

2. Use this chunk as your center and start winding wool yarn around this, turning and shaping a ball as you go. Do this until your ball is tennis ball sized. Optionally, stop with the wool yarn and put roving on the outside to get to the tennis ball size. In the top photo the left (blue) is roving and the right (purple) is all wool yarn.

3. Take your ball-shaped mass and put it in the legs of a sacrificed panty hose. Tie off between balls with rubber bands. Make as many as you wish, I had seven go together today.

Washing Instructions.

1. Put the pantyhose snake in your washing machine on HOT and use 1 tbsp. dish soap (not laundry detergent). Check after first load. To be completely felted it may take two washings.

2. Put your pantyhose snake in the dryer. howtomakewooldryerballs4


Remove your sweet little balls from your snake and use in your dryer as a dryer sheet alternative. They eliminate static electricity and cut down on drying time by separating your clothes.

Extra Options.

Put 2-3 drops lavender essential oil on your balls for lovely scented clothes or hand over the balls to your kids/pets for some fun natural play time.


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