Homemade Fire Starters.


My little fella came down the stairs the other day with the remnants of our beeswax candle rolling kit. Last week he bought The New Candle Book by Gloria Nicol at the used book store and he decided it was time to get to work. The cover features a pyramid-type rolled candle and with our scraps he came up with a pretty nice looking candle. In fact, Dad said his is better than the one on the cover of the book, much to his delight. Much to my delight, we learned from our book to use a hair dryer to warm the wax slightly to prevent cracking when rolling. His brother used the last scraps for a small candle featured in a candlestick my father turned on a lathe when he was in his twenties.



Perhaps with the wax, or maybe the weather on the mind, we made our annual homemade fire starters. It’s super simple and a very pleasant family evening. Plus, our homemade fire starters recycle wax and work excellent.


How we make homemade fire starters.

1. The boys scoop saved sawdust into small dixie cups.

2. Dad chops up old candles we get from garage sales and such. These are the huge pillar candles people get sick of or they get deformed. Either way, we stash them until he chops them up.

3. Mom melts the chunks. (We skim out the wicks that sink to the bottom.)

4. Dad pours the wax over the sawdust filled cups.

That’s it. That’s three ingredients for our homemade fire starters. Sawdust, dixie cups, and wax. I can just feel the warmth:) homemadefirestarterspailandpie5


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