Herringbone Christmas Quilt.




I scored a few yards of vintage holly fabric for $2 this summer at a sale. When working on holiday gifts, I grabbed it out and thought I’d make a quick table runner for our kitchen table. Turns out I made a lap quilt instead! While searching for a pattern idea, I found this Herringbone Quilt tutorial and was hooked. In one quiet evening, the boys were playing with the neighbor and Dear Husband was on the computer, I pieced the entire top out of scraps I had on hand.

I tore apart an old quilt (a Kmart poly one, not some keepsake or something) for the batting. It has a high loft, not my usual preference, but it was free. I even hand sewed the binding on. All firsts for me.

With Christmas looming, the desire to finish this quilt was so huge. I would spend some minutes in the morning and evening quilting to get it done. And I did! In one swoop, I attacked this thing and made it.

Yet, all the while I was making this quilt, I kept shaking my head thinking how crazy I am. This quilt will only be relevant maybe 6 weeks a year? It’s so bizarre of me to do that, but so I did, and it was fun. I guess that’s my walk on the wild side…. I’m cool with that.

4 thoughts on “Herringbone Christmas Quilt.

  1. It’s beautiful. Although the fabric could be classified as Christmassy it is also very wintery with the evergreens so maybe you will enjoy it for several months each year! Still, a lovely heirloom piece that will bring pleasure for years I am sure.

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