The Hermitage.


thehermitagepailandpie2There is one place I take every out-of-town guest, The Hermitage. Stumbling upon it when my sister visited two years ago, we read the brochure and thought we could squeeze this visit in with some other stops for a full day. After a rushed 3 hour visit we left there remarking the brochure was certainly wrong! Two hours are not enough time to visit The Hermitage, more like four! When my parents came to visit us last week, along with a Civil War Battlefield, I demanded a stop at The Hermitage, our fifth visit.

The seventh president’s plantation features a descriptive 20 minute movie, museum, house tour, grounds to meander, slave quarters, optional wagon ride, spring, hiking trail, and fields. All of this is interestingly punctuated with a head set audio tour with an adult or child centric listening option. The history here is not all pleasant, but the historical presentation is honest, something I really admire about this place. Andrew Jackson’s treatment of minorities was sadly uninspired (yet representative of most like him at that time.) The audio tour and movie really hit on how these and other minorities actually used his democracy and demanded it be applied to them as well. thehermitagepailandpie3

Stunning gardens, a beautiful home, and a history lesson that will always be remembered is Andrew Jackson’s legacy here. This destination is a must see for anyone visiting Nashville, TN and we are so fortunate to drag guests here time and again.




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