Getting My Ducks in a Row.






Listening to that audio book a few weekends ago really gave me some inspiration, help, and an attitude shift. While my tidying project is large, I’m energized by my steady progress. I really thought storing items on the floor in baskets was a good idea. I used to think counters were for easy access to heavily used kitchen tools (not so, says the author, that stuff belongs in cabinets) or that keeping a book around for just one recipe was wise.

Well, anyhow, I spend a little time each day truly sorting through our spaces and owned goods. All of our school books and supplies easily fit on three shelves in the kitchen. Our first aid drawer is killer! (Wrong adjective?) I even have displayed some treasures I never thought I had room for. My little farmer girl fits so well with my son’s log cabin. Most importantly, I’m learning how to keep things this way, it’s working in our closets and drawers so far. It’s been a fabulous summer project, as the sweltering temperatures here have pushed us indoors. Inside feels fresh, expansive, and new.

Well, of course, the cleaned out bits do. That closet! Truly! Look at that! Phew, well it’s next on the list.

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