Fleece Pillow Case Pattern.




Last Autumn my sister made the boys some fleece blankets. They have been well-loved. Just before Christmas my older son asked, “Mom, can you make me a fleece pillowcase? Like my blanket?”

I have never seen a fleece pillowcase before, but I thought it did sound pretty nice. He picked out some NASCAR fabric (he’s a big fan these days) and I set to work making him a soft place to sleep. When we were shopping for fabric, I asked my younger fella if he wanted one too. He passed, so I just made the one.

My older son really likes his pillowcase. In fact, I think he had a pretty good idea. Also, two weeks ago my younger fella asked, “Uh… Mom, can you make me a fleece pillowcase, too? I really like his and try to sleep on it when I can.” I smiled. Another trip to the fabric store, and now he’s got his very own fleece pillowcase in his very own style (loves those monsters.)

This little project was fun and the boys love them. If you’ve got some fleece on hand, give it a try. It fits a standard pillow and seriously makes a quick gift. The reversible style makes it so the kiddos won’t get bored with them too easily. If you have any questions about the pattern, definitely give me a holler.

Click below for the printable PDF pattern.

Fleece Pillow Case PDF Pattern

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