Dresden Table Topper.



This was my first attempt at the dresden block, a small gift for my mother. My father has a flea market obsession (like parent, like child!) and small table love. My mother is usually a sucker and keeps most of them. I know there is a little table waiting for this topper easily.

I made a sturdy template by printing off a paper one and taping that to thick cardboard. (There are plastic rulers, but I’m working hard at not buying and using what I have on hand. Frankly, my cardboard one worked just fine.) It was exceptionally fun using such a variety of fabrics and it turned out downright springy. I think the dresden would lend to an adorable round pillow which shall be next on the list for me.

I’ve also seen the dresden used to form a line, instead of a circle, by inverting every other piece. That looks fabulous to me too. I think I could use up a huge amount of scraps this way. Either way, I’m a fan.

Finally, to make the inner circle I used this video by Missouri Star Quilt Company. Oh my, I could watch their videos and make for hours and hours!

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