DIY Wreath.




When I worked in the floral industry, Christmas was a wonderful time to design. It was the one time of year we could use a variety of fresh evergreens, not only the traditional tree fern. While my blackened fingers didn’t look so lovely from the sap staining for the month of December, they at least smelled nice.

Mothering led me away from my floral designing days, but once in a while I just can’t help but go cut something in the yard and get to work. So, my older son and I grabbed cutters and wandered around looking for evergreens to make a holiday wreath. We included some Juniper for the blue berries, Cedar, and Spruce. He cut, I gathered, and I sat on my knees on the front porch wiring them to a wreath form. He then opened up to me while swinging.

“Mom, Do you think that Santa really has reindeer that fly?”

While cutting a few pieces I respond,”Well, I’m just not sure that reindeer could fly. I’ve never seen that before.” (Please don’t judge me, I cannot tell him otherwise).

“Yeah, I think that’s not right. I think Santa must have another way.”

“Well, indeed, somehow presents end up under the tree,” I agree, wondering where this is all going.

“So, I know, it must be a helicopter. That makes more sense. I mean, it’s faster, and he can land more easily.”

“That does make much more sense. Then why do you think there are all those reindeer stories?” I ask.

“Well, I think Santa maybe spreads the stories to confuse people.”


“And, you know, Santa can’t really see us all the time,” he tells me as I continue wreath making.

“That would be quite a feat,” I agree.

“There is just no way. Unless, each house has a tiny camera in it,” he ponders.

“That wouldn’t be too difficult. Most houses already have cameras on their computers anyways.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” he agrees while swinging. “Can we look up if Santa has a helicopter.”

“Yup, after we hang this wreath.”

We did both hang the wreath and look up the helicopter theory. He was hoping for a “Busted: Santa’s Secrets Revealed” type of website, but all we found was reindeer information. He’s not buying it, but I’m not selling it.

And the wreath is centered on our front gate for all to see. To make one for yourself, it’s super easy. You can finish it in one conversation with a 9-year-old in deep thought.


One wire wreath form, any size (or unfold a wire hanger and reshape into a wreath circle)

Paddle wire & wire cutters

Fresh cut greens


The photo says it all. It’s really just a process of cutting and wrapping. The paddle wire is great because you just keep wrapping it around the stems on top and wire form on the back as you go instead of handling single straight pieces. However, as you can tell, mine got a little untidy and was downright annoying at times just the same. When you make it fully around the circle be sure to tuck in the greens well to make it look continuous. Then hang and enjoy.

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