DIY Pin Cushion with a Mason Jar.

DSC_9002I coveted a pin cushion jar at the store the other day. So naturally, I came home and made my own, for free. I have been using a cast off stuffed apple for my entire married life so this is a welcome upgrade.

The store version was polyfill and my version is made of felted wool, with wool stuffing. Wool is a great way to keep your needles rust free.

To make one DIY pin cushion mason jar for yourself:


First, sew two circles of wool felt together, the size of the lid, leaving a little hole to turn it inside out.

Next, turn your disc inside out and stuff with wool.

Finally sew closed.


Hot glue your little woolen disc onto the flat part of a canning jar lid.

That’s it. Tighten your band and stuff with your pins. Enjoy.


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