Crochet Christmas Garland.


I am forthright about my inability to crochet. I turned the corner, literally, this summer with granny squares. This Autumn a crochet christmas garland pattern fell into my lap and I made every effort to decipher it. I felt pretty good after finishing this quick little project and my three boys almost said in unison, “It’s done already!”

CrochetChristmasGarland PailandPie2

Yes, okay, I get it, crocheting is faster. No one will pry the knitting needles from my hands, but the thought of making this garland with knitting needles is actually quite frightening. So, I am not smug quite yet, but my boys have begged me to learn because they have some items they “need me to make.” Let the crocheting floodgates open. For Pete’s sake, I’ve got enough yarn!

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