Collecting Feathers.




It started with our nature collecting, a feather here, a feather there. Then we got chickens and of course every single feather of theirs was precious. What really pushed it into high gear was when my oldest son found a huge, beautiful, wild turkey feather in a parking lot in Illinois. And so we have our little feather collection. One that was outgrowing its old glass bottle corral.

Upon visiting the lorikeets at Kentucky Down Under, I saw their saved and displayed feathers woven into chicken wire on the wall. All the feathers lined up looked so beautiful and inspired a better display for our home collection. If you’d like to display your feathers like us it’s quite simple.

1. Select a frame.

I used an old wooden barn frame my husband made years ago (he’s pretty handy). The glass broke when we moved and we stored it since then. Make sure you think about large feathers! Our frame is approximately 17″ x 23″ measured at the innermost front display area.

2. Measure the distance.

Measure the width across the frame to decide how long you will need your single crochet chain and figure out how many times you wish to go back and forth. It’s easiest to just make one long chain, so add together the width, plus your drop to the next width across. So, our frame is 17″ apart, plus a 4″ drop that is behind the frame. I wanted to make sure there was good spacing for the feathers that were large. Adding this together 5 times, that’s how many times I felt would be adequate, (minus one 4″ drop, we didn’t need to drop the last one, it’s just the end) meant I needed 101 inches. Phew, it sure didn’t feel like it!

3. Crochet

Knitting is more my thing, but crochet is faster and excellent for this. I chained and then single crocheted back the length of the chain. I figured this way I could weave the base of each feather in securely.



4. Staple.

When I finished the crochet chain, I stapled it in taught to the inside back of the frame.

5. Hang.

Hang it up and weave your feathers into your single crochet chain to display your collection.

Now that we have a nice area to show off our collection, I do believe we will find lots more. What beautiful feathers do you have?

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